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Wholesales Support


1. Distribution and wholesales are welcome with an additional discount according to the qty of each order and annual purchase qty.


2. If you want to have an exclusive distributorship in your region or country, please submit to us an application about your plan and the market situation of your region and country. We will help you make a development strategy and support you with our design team force and production facilities, as well as competitive prices with substantial discounts according to the sales.


3. Sole distributors need to meet MOQ for each order and the annual sales target. However, we can discuss and set the target based on the understanding and agreement between us. To help our distributor succeed in the market is always our goal. Suggestions, inquiries or/and requirements will be much appreciated and taken care of with utmost attention and quickest response.


4. In the region or country where we already have some wholesale customers, but not with exclusivity, we will protect their interest and present market shares before we select our sole distributor, and we will make sure the wholesale customers and our sole distributor do not interfere with each other in their respective business development and marketing.

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